The lifecycle of the Chequered Copper butterfly, in extended reality

Herding Caterpillars Nature Film Festival


Flinders University Article

Immersive VR collaboration at The Void

City Mag Article

Experience the life and times of the Chequered Copper butterfly

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Be immersed by butterflies at Nature Festival’s latest VR experience


Event: TEND: Live storytelling about the ants who herd the caterpillars

This live storytelling event by Kate McMurray

Event: Sharing in making Art inspired by the Chequered Copper butterfly

Join with well-known artist Kathleen Patitsas to create individual artworks focussed on the Chequered Copper butterfly

Herding Caterpillars Theatrical Performance Co-Creator

Jacqui Hunter 'Herding Caterpillars' World Premiere

World Premiere of the ‘Herding Caterpillars’ performance Tuthangga, Adelaide Park Lands, May 16th 2021 Hunter Gatherings Website

Butterfly Links:

Chequered Copper Butterfly Album

Photography by Greg Coote

Butterfly Conservation South Australia

Promoting the conservation & sound management of sites of ecological significance to butterflies.

Herding Caterpillars

The story of the Chequered Copper butterfly, its caterpillars and their guardians the tiny black ants.

The Chequered Copper butterfly

More butterfly information.