The lifecycle of the Chequered Copper butterfly, in extended reality

Oxalis Growth at Pakapakanthi / Victoria Park

Oxalis Growth is a series of paper mache sculptures; Native Sorrel, ants, eggs and a seed pod. In the spirit of community art, a group of volunteers from Port Adelaide Enfield, the Butterfly Association of SA and Adelaide’s art community have come together to create the sculptures, led by artists Chris De Rosa, Rosina Possingham and Nicholas Hanisch. The brightly coloured sculptures not only magnify the underground story being told by Herding Caterpillars, but celebrate the way in which communities come together to support each other, and the power of these groups in the fight to bring attention and awareness to our Native flora and fauna, and to ensure they are able to continue to thrive. 

These sculptures are proudly supported by a City of Port Adelaide Enfield grant and Post Office Projects.