The lifecycle of the Chequered Copper butterfly, in extended reality

Luci The Giant Caterpillar

On Monday mornings during 2020 Laura  worked with the Trees For Life volunteers at Tuthangga, Park #17, Adelaide Park lands. She completed a variety of tasks to preserve, support and encourage the remnant and native grasses and plants to thrive. Through this participation artworks developed that explored specific grasses, plant personalities, their physicality and relationships from multiple viewpoints and understandings. The interconnected relationship between the Chequered Copper Butterfly, Native Sorrel and Rainbow Antspecies is a story from this area that was researched, depicted and celebrated in the artworks created. What are some of the symbiotic relationships (real, monitored and imagined) between the fauna and flora at the ground level? And what might be overlooked or too small to be seen?  Luci is an opportunity to highlight a unique caterpillar that is part of a local symbiotic relationship. Luci The Giant Caterpillar is enlarged 1000 times bigger than real life, bringing their tiny world into right in the heart of Adelaide CBD. 

Wills Projects Bio

Wills Projects are William Cheesman and Laura Wills. A collaborative art and design team based in Adelaide on Kaurna land. Partners in life and work, the duo’s practice is centered around creating responsive, meaningful and accessible art work. Together they have over 20 years of experience in the arts with an interest in public projects and creating bespoke artworks and installations. Their contemporary practice regularly responds to setting and community which contributes to the development of emergent ideas. Their aim is to be inclusive, communicative, to celebrate biodiversity and a sense of place. Collaborating with other sectors they regularly develop large scale artworks for public space with participatory and ephemeral elements that are inspired by nature and are connected to their local environment.

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